At Baghdad Country Club, we are all about fun, seriously. 

Sometimes this means sipping on a good cocktail, cigar in hand, working with friends and family to raise awareness for causes that matter to us in a personal way.

We know there are a ton of other great causes that require funding, and we are not saying one cause is more important than another. But if you have every put your life on the line for your country, had a relative or friend that has done so, or are just patriotic and respect those that have, here are some startling facts:- 



Data from the most recent study by the Department of Veteran Affairs in 2014 indicated that

  • 3.8 million veterans in the US with service-connected disability
  • 1.1 million veterans have a disability rating of over 70% or higher
  • at least 20 veterans per day commit suicide
  • that means 7,400 brave men and women took their own lives in 2014
  • Veteran suicides account for about 18% of all suicides in the US

Since veterans make up less than 9% of our population, by these statistics, they are twice as likely to take their own lives

In addition, the 2014 study found that at a point in time, about 50,000 veterans were homeless. Having served in his time during the Iraq Afghan War, our founder, James, knows about living rough whilst on operations, but believes everyone deserves a bed when back home and is determined to help make that happen. 



Proceeds from the sale of our products and events are donated to charities that are close to our hearts. 


IAVA’s mission is to connect, unite and empower post-9/11 veterans. Founded and led by veterans, IAVA is the modern day veterans hall for the current generation with over 400,000 members worldwide.

IAVA is a non partisan member advised advocacy organization focused on solutions to the issues facing veterans today. In addition to our best in class advocacy work, IAVA offers a case-management program to help veterans of all generations navigate the government and non government services available to them.

All of IAVA’s core mission programs focus on ensuring veterans and their families are supported, protected, empowered and never forgotten.


Every day, one veteran commits suicide nearly every hour, while at least 15% of returning vets suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many vets wait months for mental health care. Sound Off provides veterans with a stable support system they can trust, by establishing ongoing, anonymous relationships with certified mental health specialists via mobile application, or standard internet connection.





 Now that you're aware of our mission to serve others by paying it forward with fun, sass and style, please help us help others in the following ways: